Education Contract & Compensation Matrix

Education Contract & Compensation Matrix

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Addendum: Daily 99 Minute Work Blocks Compensation
Hive Mastermind University ("The University") hereby enters into
an agreement with the undersigned participant or participant's
legal guardian ("The Participant").
In addition to the primary educational activities provided as part of
the Hive Mastermind University program, The Participant agrees
to engage in daily 99-minute work blocks, which will occur
Monday through Saturday during the program period.
In recognition of this commitment, The University agrees to
compensate The Participant at a rate of $15 per hour (calculated
pro-rata for the 99-minute work blocks), subject to the completion
of tasks as outlined and agreed upon in the daily task assignment.
Compensation will be provided on a weekly basis and will be
directly dependent on task completion. If The Participant does not
complete the assigned task within the 99-minute work block,
compensation for that period may be adjusted accordingly.
Payments will be made on a weekly basis every [Day of Week],
covering the period of [Day of Week] to [Day of Week]. Payments
will be made via [Payment Method].
Contractual Obligation
By signing below, The Participant or The Participant's legal
guardian acknowledges and agrees to these terms.
Signature of Participant or Participant's Legal Guardian:
Date: _______//

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