Handmade Glass Etching

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Prices will differ, depending on product, one sided, double sided, custom and detail:

Shot glasses

  • $10 each (one image/one sided)
  • $15 each (two images/double sided)
  • Tinting $2 each

All drinking glasses (coffee mugs, stemless wine glasses, stemmed wine glasses, beer mugs, etc)

  • $20 each (one image/one side)
  • $25 each (two images/double sided).
  • One side tinting-$5 each.
  • Full glass tinting-$7 each.

Picture frames, flower vases, laser blocks, plates, wine decanters

  • $25-$40 each
  • Tinting-$5-$10 each.

Christmas ball/ornaments

  • $18 each

Drink Coasters

  • $8 each or set of 4 for $25

Gift basket wrapping

  • $5 (small/single item)
  • $10 (large/multiple items)

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