Hive Compound

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Hive Compound Project Overview


Welcome to the Hive Compound – a multi-faceted property destined to be a cornerstone for various health, residential, commercial, and recreational activities. We are delighted to present this exceptional opportunity for our esteemed members and investors.

$5,000.00 Per Share Investment 

Property Features & Highlights

  • Location: A serene setting only 45 minutes from Edmonton and 40 minutes to Sherwood Park.
  • Size: More than 4,000 sq ft of luxurious living space, nestled in over 3 acres of lush land.
  • Amenities:
    • Living Quarters: 5 Bedrooms + Office, 4 Full Baths, and ample storage.
    • Entertainment: Expansive game room equipped with pool table, dart board, and wet bar.
    • Wellness Center: A state-of-the-art indoor swimming pool complemented by locker rooms, hot tub, and sauna.
    • Exterior Features: A heated garage, a spacious shop, walking distance to the golf course, and a backyard patio/deck within a fully fenced yard.
    • Views: Enjoy unparalleled views of picturesque greenery from the walkout balcony attached to the owner’s suite.

Project Features

  1. Health Retreat: An oasis for those seeking wellness, relaxation, and rejuvenation.
  2. Logistics Center: A well-organized hub to streamline operations and facilitate smooth business processes.
  3. Commercial Agriculture: An endeavor into sustainable farming and cultivation, maximizing the potential of the fertile land.
  4. Residential and Commercial Zoning: A blend of private residences and commercial entities, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere.
  5. OCD Business Development: Special attention to organized, comprehensive, and detailed business strategies to ensure maximum efficiency and growth.
  6. Lifestyle Center: A dedicated space promoting holistic well-being and a balanced lifestyle.
  7. Private Venue Booking & Accommodations: An opportunity for exclusive events, gatherings, and stays.

Financials & Infrastructure

  • Assets: We're starting strong with over $500,000 of assets to kickstart infrastructure developments.
  • Financing: The property mortgage will be secured by the residence, ensuring stability and security.
  • Revenue Use: All project revenue will be re-invested to continually enhance the property and improve the project’s revenue systems.

Future Prospects

We envision the Hive Compound as not just a property, but as a thriving ecosystem of interconnected ventures. By establishing a central center and business office, we aim to fortify our team and infrastructure to deliver unparalleled service and value.

In our continuous efforts to make the Hive Compound a unique destination for wellness, residence, and business, we've identified several key investments that are pivotal to realizing the project’s vision. We present a clear breakdown of the funds needed to move forward.

Breakdown of Funds

  1. Deposit: To secure our property and ensure we have a solid foundation from which to launch our myriad activities.

    • Amount: $40,000
  2. Mobilization: Essential funds to get our operations off the ground, from infrastructure setup to hiring initial staff and other preliminary activities.

    • Amount: $20,000
  3. 2x Winterized Geodesic Domes: Innovative and eco-friendly structures that are not only functional but add a unique architectural appeal to the Hive Compound. Perfect for year-round use, these domes can be purposed for a variety of activities from meditation retreats to event spaces.

    • Amount: $30,000

Total Funds Needed: $90,000

Benefits and ROI

  • Secure Investment: The deposit ensures the Hive Compound property remains within our portfolio, offering long-term returns and value appreciation.

  • Operational Readiness: Mobilization funds ensure a smooth initial operation, allowing for immediate revenue generation and community engagement.

  • Versatility & Appeal: The geodesic domes are not just structures; they are a statement. They showcase our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and creating unique experiences for residents and visitors.


The Hive Compound is more than just a property – it's a dream coming to life. A harmonious blend of health, leisure, residence, and business, all wrapped up in a package of luxury and nature. We invite our members and investors to be a part of this visionary project and join us in realizing its unmatched potential.

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