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The 888-P.m.C (Private ministers Cooperative) is more than an organization; it is a movement – a brotherhood and sisterhood of enlightened individuals coming together to create an ecosystem that nurtures personal growth, communal prosperity, and spiritual awakening. We are a sanctuary for minds in pursuit of wisdom and hearts in search of tranquility. Our diversity is our strength, with members hailing from all backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities, and bringing an array of skill sets to our vibrant collective.

As ministers, we serve a higher purpose, inspired by deep faith and respect for our Creator. But we are not bound by hierarchies, figureheads, or majority shareholders. We are a cooperative in the truest sense, led by guiding principles that encourage mutual respect, equality, and collective decision-making. Our council of 13, elected from within our ranks, ensures that we operate in accordance with Natural Law and God's Law, fostering advancement and progression.

We are a community of learners, practitioners, and mentors. We impart knowledge, share experiences, and promote continuous personal and communal development. Our members may be ministers of God, Health, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Culture, Technology, or Communication, among others. But our unity, our faith in our supreme creator, remains our defining characteristic.

We offer an open invitation to private individuals from our larger freedom community to join our cooperative. We provide opportunities to build intentional communities based on natural law, off-grid living, and permaculture designs. By creating self-sustaining environments, we give our members a unique chance to live harmoniously with nature, contributing to the vitality of the community and benefiting from its abundance.

Our campus, home to both P.m.C. members and members of the First Agricultural Church of Christ, is a haven for those seeking the solace and empowerment of community living. Here, we learn, worship, minister, heal, and detox, reveling in the strength of our collective spirit and the security of our shared values.

At the heart of our vision for the campus is a community dome, surrounded by smaller domes, yurts, and teepees. We also envision establishing greenhouses to support food production and leverage earth bank cooling and heating techniques for sustainability.

Investment opportunities are open to all members, with funds raised going towards the development of non-permanent shelters and greenhouses. Together, we aim to raise $500,000, laying a solid foundation for our envisioned future while ensuring equal voice, equal share, and equal rights for all members.

We are the 888-P.m.C, where principles form the bedrock of our existence, where diversity and equality are not just encouraged but celebrated, and where every member has an opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute. So why wait? Join us today, and experience the transformative power of community, the tranquility of spiritual enlightenment, and the fulfillment of being part of something larger than yourself.

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