Reishi + 1000mg Whole Plant Broad Spectrum Extract

Reishi + 1000mg Whole Plant Broad Spectrum Extract

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This powerful tincture of dual extracted Reishi fungi combined with 1000mg of whole-plant broad spectrum nanosuspension extract (THC FREE ) is truly a synergistic powerhouse of nutritional and medicinal goodness made for the body, mind, and spirit. This bottle is 30ml. Pregnant or nursing women should not take. Reishi mushrooms contain beta-glucans, one of the most effective and powerful immune system boosters that we know of. By increasing the number of beta-glucans in your body, you can protect yourself against a vast range of potential diseases and reduce the signs of aging. Some experts believe that it is this high glucan content that linked it historically with immortality and vitality. Boosted Energy In addition to immortality, traditional medicine also suggested reishi for energy-boosting.

As we age, our energy levels do tend to drop, but adding a spirit in our golden years with the help of this mushroom would be wonderful. The Nano suspended hemp extract will signal cb1 and cb2 receptors leading to homeostasis.

Pregnant or nursing women should not take.


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  • Whole Fungi Full Spectrum Phytonutrients

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