Tuna Ahi Steak

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Wild Caught Sushi Grade Tuna Ahi Steaks. Firm texture with a mild flavor. Halal and Kosher certified. Gluten-free.


  • Box Contains 13 - 14 Individually Vacuumed-Packed Tuna Ahi Steaks (by weight)
  • Suggested Serving Size per the Nutrition Facts Label 113g (4.0oz) - approximately 20 - 113g servings
  • Box weight: 2.27kg (5.0lbs)


Ahi Tuna, water ascorbic acid, sodium citrate, sodium ascorbate, salt, and rosemary extract.


Sear for tataki or dice for poke pieces. Thaw in a cold water bath or overnight in the refrigerator. Remove from package immediately upon being thawed. Place on drip tray in the refrigerator for 2 days MAX.

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