White Buffalo Herd

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White Buffalo Herd Empowerment Initiative

This is a business opportunity centered around a white buffalo herd. The plan includes aspects of conservation, cultural significance, and commercial activities. This plan encompasses various elements, from cultural significance to commercial activities, targeting a diverse audience. It's crucial to consider the ethical, cultural, and environmental implications of such a project, especially given the sacred status of white buffalo in Native American cultures. Engaging with and respecting the traditions and views of Native American communities would be essential in such an endeavor.  By incorporating ethical hunting, conservation practices, and community engagement, we seek to empower communities while honoring the sacred status of the white buffalo.


  • Cost:
    • $10,000,000 for a herd of 246 strong white buffalo
  • Rarity and Sacredness:
    • Largest white buffalo herd in the world.
    • White buffalo are not only rare according to the National Bison Association, just one out of every 10 million buffalo born are white
    • Sacred to many Native American tribes
    • Purebred white buffalo with solid genetics, confirmed by DNA testing.
  • Collaboration:
    • OCD has established a relationship with Seller
    • OCD will syndicate project to prospects from near & far
    • Balancing commercial interests with the sacred status of white buffalo & needs of the seller
    • Involvement with Native American consultants for cultural guidance and participation.


To leverage the white buffalo herd in a manner that promotes community security, prosperity, and health while respecting cultural values and environmental sustainability.


  • Content and Material Gathering:
    • Get all the relevant content and materials together
    • Identify and assemble necessary resources for project execution.
    • Detailed Goals and Implementation Plans
    • Gather relevant content and materials and define what are the key resources needed
    • Monitoring and adapting the project to ensure alignment with goals and ethical standards.
  • OCD Camp Establishment:
    • Develop a multi-functional site near the river for events, hunts, and educational activities.
    • Start the buying and harvesting animals (buffalo, elk, deer, cattle).
    • Elaborate on the types of events planned near the river property and how these will support your goals.
  • Trophy Hunts:
    • Implement responsible and ethical hunting practices with clear guidelines and oversight.
    • Documentation & Media Outline for keepsakes 
    • Identify ethical concerns and sustainability
  • Online Presence:
    • Centralize Communication Channels 
    • Feature the project on the OCD Biz Solutions website and interface
    • Create project BEE-Linked - [ PROFILE PAGE ] providing user interface
  • Collective Security:
    • Ensure the safety and well-being of all participants and stakeholders. 
    • Make the transaction a win for everyone 
  • Enhanced Cultural and Ethical Considerations:
    • Working with Native American consultants or leaders to ensure respectful and culturally sensitive handling of the white buffalo, given their sacred status.
    • Develop a clear policy on animal welfare and sustainable practices to ensure the herd's health and longevity.
    • Consultants or leaders to ensure respectful and culturally sensitive handling of the white buffalo, given their sacred status
  • Transparency and Communication:
    • Develop a transparent communication strategy to keep all stakeholders informed about the project's progress and impact.
    • Include plans for regular reporting and feedback mechanisms to ensure the project remains aligned with its stated goals and objectives.
    • Building and maintaining respectful relationships with Native American communities and collectively.


  • Food Security:
    • Enhancing food security.
    • Focus on hunting and harvesting
    • Provide sustainable food sources through ethical hunting and harvesting.
  • Rediscovering Connections:
    • People, Land, and Food.
    • Cooperative Joint Ownership
  • Cultural Rediscovery:
    • Facilitate learning about the significance of land, people, and traditional practices.
  • Health and Vitality:
    • Promote wellness through engagement with nature and healthy living practices.
  • Collaborative Ownership:
    • Work towards joint ownership with tribal nations, ensuring mutual benefits and respect.
  • Success Replication:
    • Establishing regular reporting and feedback mechanisms.
    • Use this project as a model for future initiatives.
    • OCD will positively leverage its Ecosystem to grow others
    • Ensuring ethical and sustainable practices in all aspects of the project


  •  Financial Return:
    • Achieving finical profitability and optimization
    • Scalability and sustainability
    • Upon sale OCD to receive its Consulting & Administrative fee's
  • Community Impact:
    • Measuring community empowerment and engagement.
    • Show the world what we can do together
  • Cultural Preservation:
    • Evaluating the effectiveness in respecting and promoting Native American cultures.
  • Environmental Impact:
    • Assessing the sustainability and conservation outcomes of the project.
  • Cooperative Unity:
    • Establishing benchmarks for cooperation and long-term partnership within the cooperative.


  • First Nations/Native Americans
  • Preppers
  • Right-wing Christians or other religious groups
  • Trophy hunters.
  • International food market.
  • Community members
  • Our P.m.C Private ministers Cooperative and other P.M.A's  


  1. Message - [ Omar K. ]
  3. [ APPLICATION FORM ] - Approval Process 

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